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Welcome to our website. If you are searching for a different kind of community, Old First Church should be your choice. Our community of faith is committed to the Gospel in that we strive not just to feed the hungry and clothe the naked, but to work for the elimination of the root causes of poverty. We are a community committed to the stewardship of God’s world and speak up on the issues that affect our environment. We have many different opinions but are grounded in the love that we experience through our common confession of faith as loving mercy, seeking justice, and walking humbly with God. 

                                                     ––Joyce Antila Phipps

Gather for Worship to Engage in Service for Humankind

July 2017

A Time to Reflect

Conflicts can and do occur between what we could consider “loyalty” to country and the call to discipleship.  We’re sometimes forced into a position to having to make decisions that could be, in the minds of some, not putting our country “first,” whatever that means. But it seems that as Christians we live in a tension between the call to be faithful to the Gospel and a call to what could be politely called a narrow self-interest.  

As Christians, followers of the One who called us to take on the powers and principalities of the world, including our own political leadership, we are often faced with difficult choices. Some of the decisions we make affect our immediate community directly, such as the JCP&L proposal to build monster power lines. Other decisions are more attenuated but affect us and our society in the long run, such as the Penn East pipeline proposal, the marriage of minors, sensible gun legislation, and a humane immigration policy, to name just a few.  The decisions we make as a society and as a Nation affect not just us here in the United States but the rest of the world because the world looks to the United States as a beacon of hope and freedom.

Speaking the truth is not easy; in fact, it is rarely easy, but we have no choice but to stand against the increasing narrowness of our political leadership.  It doesn’t matter if that shrinking vision is from a Republican or a Democrat; party politics should play no place here.  We face choices.  The question for us is where do we stand and how can we bring God’s broad vision into reality in our world.

Join us for Sunday worship at 10:30 AM followed by a community lunch and lively discussion on these and other issues that affect our faithful living as Christians.

--Joyce Antila Phipps


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He has told you, O mortal, what is good;

and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice,

to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?"

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